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*Taps microphone* this thing on?!?

Howdy! My name is Bruce Walker and I am senior Music Education and Cello Performance major @ Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (in Edwardsville, IL...about 20 minutes away from St. Louis). I am originally from St. Louis, MO. and I am coming to Central the 26th-28th to audition for the master's degree/TA position in orchestral conducting and also audition on cello. I'm really looking forward to this audition for a number of reasons:

1) I absolutely LOVE Shostakovich #5 and the fact that it's the audition material is just simply amazing.
2) Meeting new people (Dr. Meyer...who comes highly recommended from several of my colleagues) and getting to see Mr. Michel and Mrs. Rehkoph again (which I haven't seen since Marrowstone 2004).
3) I'm gettin out of the crazy Midwest (where one day it snows...then the next it's 76 degrees).
4) I get to conduct Shostakovich #5...seriously...dude....rock!

There are many more...but I rather not get into them. However, here are a couple of question I do have before I arrive:

1) Where can stay for cheap (and/or free) that's close to campus?!?
2) What should I do with my free day (I would be arriving to campus around 3:00ish from Seattle)??!?
3) Where's the closest bar so I can get a beer afterward (I'm not a drunk...but I do like beer ya know...anyone want to come with)?!??
4) If I did decided come to Central for grad school (which I probably will), where do you suggest I set up my new place of residence (campus apartments, off-campus apartments, etc)?!?
5) What's one quality about Central that attracted you to the campus?
6) Do you have random geese/turkeys/deers walking around campus like we do here @ SIUE (they are really annoying and we can't do anything about them because they are protected by the state of Illinois)?!?

I can't think of anything else...mostly because it's 3:04 in the AM (CST of course). I'm off to bed. Good night Central!

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