Extra Special Guest Villainess (robotliliput) wrote in cwu_music,
Extra Special Guest Villainess

hello and welcome

I was doing a bit of snooping today on unfamiliar LJ usernames, and... there are people I didn't expect to be on LJ here. Hi guys! There are also some new people among us who are looking forward to coming to CWU for the first time. Excellent.

So I thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Anita, I play the viola, and I'm a super-senior. I'm interested in Music Education, but I'm probably going to opt for the B.A. in Music because I'm sick of being in college already. No, really mostly for financial reasons. I work with one the Preperatory Orchestra classes as an assistant director, and I'm a member of the Central chapter of ASTA (American String Teacher's Association).

I'm really looking forward to being in the new building! It looks beautiful, and those in the know say the acoustics of the new hall are incredible.

See you all at the first Convo, if not before!
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